Limitations during BETA

During phase 1 of the BETA, functionality is limited. Default configurations should work just fine, but in case you want to change things, please be aware of these recommendations and limitations.


Web chat

  1. Assign Conversations manually
    The automatic assignment of Conversations should not be used in the Web chat Conversation settings as it is not fully tested.
  2. Show widget at all time and hide when all users are busy
    Do not use the option to show during business hours as this function is not yet fully tested.
  3. Do not use Rules.
    They are not fully tested yet.


Email capture

The email capture works in BETA phase 1, but the view for downloading captured emails is not yet visible in the app. So you may want to wait before you start using this feature.


Other customer service functions

Do not use any of the other customer service functions.



None of the call functions are operational during phase 1 of the BETA.


A detailed list of what is supported during BETA can be found here.