Functionality in BETA

We will be rolling out functionality to our BETA testers in phases during the remainder of 2018.

We are currently in phase 1 of the BETA. Below you can find a summary of the functionality in the apps – and what is currently available in BETA.



The different phases of the BETA

Phase 1

This phase is for the core new customer chat functionality.

  • Sonetel chat widget
    Add a chat function at your web site
  • Apps
    Web app and mobile apps.
  • AI
    Artificial intelligence for suggested answers
  • Internal communication
    Internal chat between team members
 Please note that inviting people to the Team via the new apps – is not yet working. Add users to your team via the old Sonetel web Portal instead.


Phase 2

This phase mainly adds a lot of our old functionality in to the new environment.

  • Sign up
    OK, not really useful for BETA testers, and we won’t allow anyone else to sign up now anyway.
  • Buy and manage phone numbers
    All the tings you can find in our old customer portal regarding Phone numbers and a bit more
  • Billing
    Make payments, see receipts etc.
  • Usage records
    A new function for seeing call records and other details of services used.
  • Invite to team
    Invite people to your company’s team via email, SMS or from your contacts.



Phase 3

This phase adds telephony (VoIP) and SMS capabilities to the service.

  • Calls
    Make calls to regular phone numbers from the apps – and receive calls from the telephone network
  • SMS
    Send and receive SMS in Conversations.



Phase 4

This phase adds call center functionality etc to the service.

  • Call queues
    Callers to your Team can be placed in a queue while waiting for a user to become available
  • Improved chat queues
    When you use the option to assign conversations automatically, this will become a bit smarter at this stage.
  • Integrations
    With Facebook, Twitter etc.


Functionality currently available

Main app functions

This functionality is available both in the Web app and the Mobile apps (Android and iOS). Blue items represent things that are not yet fully operational in the current BETA and that shouldn’t be used.

  • Sign in
    • Sign in with your regular Sonetel credentials (access only granted to those accepted to BETA)
    • Sign in with Facebook
    • Sign in with Google
    • Sign in with LinkedIn
  • Sign up
    • Sign up by entering email address and a password
    • Sign up with Facebook
    • Sign up with Google
    • Sign up with LinkedIn 
  •  Notifications
    • In app system notifications related to your account
    • Push notifications to mobile
    • Email notifications when you are off-line
  • Customer service
    • Inboxes
      • My inbox.
        The inbox that contains conversations assigned to you.
      • Unassigned.
        The Inbox containing all unassigned incoming conversations from customers for all the Teams you are a member of.
      • Starred.
        See Conversations you have starred as important in this list.
      • Mentions.
        See conversations handled by others – where you are mentioned in an internal note (they want your input).
    • Functions when handling customer Conversations
      • Suggested answers from the AI (Artificial Intelligence) module
        Our AI engine provides suggested answers to your team members that they can send onward to your customer or prospect with a click. The answers are based on your web site, chat history etc.
      • Translate
        Translate messages in foreign languages to your language
      • Internal notes.
        • Ability to post an internal note in a customer conversation  – invisible to the customer.
        • Ability to mention another Team member to get their assistance.
        • Ability to mention another Team to get their assistance.
      • Close conversation.
        Close the conversation when it is done. Please note that the customers can reopen it later if they want to.
      • See a customer’s details
        See background information  about the customer or prospect that you are communicating with.

        • Profile
          See their profile and update name and contact information
        • Internal notes
          See Internal notes posted by any team member about the customer
        • Events
          See what the customer has done in the past, what pages they have visited at your site etc.
        • Conversations
          See all conversations the same customer has had with others in you company – and see a merged view.
      • Zoom out
        Zoom out from an conversation or merged view of conversations with a customer across the team – and see a meaningful view of what topics that were discussed and what the customer sentiment was.
    • Insights
      • See how many conversations that are handled now and historically by each team or individual – or by channel.
      • Drill down to the underlying conversations
      • Look at the feedback (CSAT score and manual comments) provided by customers supported via the Sonetel chat widget at your web site.
    • Incoming channels
      • Website chat
      • Facebook PM via your Facebook page
      • Twitter DM
      • Email
      • SMS
      • Calls
  • Conversations
    • One-to-one conversations
      • Internal chat
      • Call recordings with transcription
      • Chat with non-Sonetel users
    • Group conversations
      • Team members can join
      • Invite external guest members
      • Post replies as sub-topics
      • Mute conversations to only get notifications when you are mentioned
    • Voice and video calls
      • Internal calls
      • Calls with others outside the Team
  • People
    • Team.
      • Invite people to your team.
      • See all your team members.
      • Start one-to-one chat with team members
      • Start one-to-one calls with team members
    • Customers
      • Search on prospects and customers
      • Download csv files with contact details
      • See their past conversations
    • Contacts
      • Sync your mobile contacts so that they are available both in mobile and web app
      • Start a Sonetel chat with any contact – without their need to have a Sonetel account
      • Call free to contacts that also have Sonetel
      • Call regular calls to mobile numbers of contacts – worldwide – at the cost of local calls.


Personal settings

The personal settings are available both in the Web app and the Mobile apps (Android and iOS). Items marked blue in the list below are not yet available in BETA, or may be available but not yet verified by our test team.

To reach the Personal settings in the mobile app, click on the menu icon in the bottom right of the screen and select “My settings”. In the Web app, click on your photo bottom left, and select “My settings”.

The following personal settings are available.


  • Set presence to Available/away.
    Visible to other team members. Also impacts the visibility of the chat widget at the web site – if widget is set to be invisible when no one in the team is available.
  • My profile
    • Your name and contact details
    • Your photo. Shown to visitors in the web widget!
    • Your mobile numbers (and ability to verify them)
  • Notification preferences
    Turn notifications on or off.
  • Call settings
    • How you want incoming calls connected calls to you to be connected and forwarded.
    • Caller ID. What number you want to show when calling and to see when receiving calls
    • Call method. What approach you prefer when calling regular numbers. Internet (cheap but not dependable quality) or mobile.
    • Voicemail. Listen to your greeting message and record a new one. The actual voicemails appear in Conversations.
    • Advanced call settings
      • Preferred method for mobile calls (Call thru/call back)
      • Number to use for call back/call thru
      • See SIP-phones connected
      • User name to use when configuring SIP-phone
  • My customer service settings
    • Set max parallel Conversations that you can handle
    • Make yourself available selectively for chat conversations in each Team you participate in (Sales, Support etc.)
    • Make yourself available for calls in each Team you participate in (Sales, Support etc.)
  • Your personal location
    • The country you are in
    • Your language.
    • Activate automatic translation of messages you receive in other languages.
    • Time zone
  • Connected accounts.
    Shows accounts used for signing up or signing in. Add or remove accounts

    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Linkedin
  • Password.
    Change your password


Account settings

The Account settings are settings that apply across your company account. The settings are only available in the  Web app  but you can reach them directly from the mobile apps as well. The option is only available to users in your account with Admin privileges. People you invite to your team regularly do not have Admin privileges.


To reach the Account settings, follow these steps, In the mobile app, click on the menu icon bottom right, and the select “Account settings”. This will open a browser showing the Account settings.

In the web app, click on your photo bottom left, and then select Account settings.

The following Account settings are available. Items marked blue are either not yet available in BETA or not fully tested – and should not be used.

  • Customer service settings
    • Team.
      The team “Entire team” is by default for all incoming conversations. You can define other Teams for Support, Sales, Billing etc, and connect incoming conversations to the Team of your choice. Each person can be in any amount of teams, and can individually control their availability for calls and chat in each one.
    • Website chat.
      Controls the chat widget at your web site.

      • Conversations
        • Define what Team to send incoming conversations to. Default is “Entire Team”
        • How to distribute incoming conversations
          • Automatically
            Conversations are assigned automatically to one of the available team members.
          • Manually.
            All conversations go to the Unassigned queue. All team members get notified when the queue goes from 0 to 1 Conversations.
        • Max conversations a team member can handle at once
      • Settings
        • Show chat widget
          • During business hours. You can edit business hours in the Company profile. Default is 9 AM to 5 PM in your time zone.
          • All the time.
        • Hide chat widget when all users are busy.
          This is activated by default. users can either turn their personal presence to “Away” or disable their availability in their customer service settings.
        • Show reply time.
          Decide what expectations to give the visitor as to how quickly they will get an answer.
        • Send welcome message (optional)
          Pops a message at your web site offering help – in accordance to the settings you give it, and with the message you want to show – in each language you want to define. For example “Hi. Is there anything we can help you with?”
        • Ask for feedback.
          If activated, your chat widget will ask visitors to provide feedback once the conversation is closed.
        • Offer to leave email if they don’t want to wait for a response.
          Visitors can leave their email in the chat widget if they don’t want to wait. They get notified once there is an answer and can return to the conversation later.
        • Offer to leave mobile number if they don’t want to wait for a response.
          Visitors can leave their mobile number in the chat widget if they don’t want to wait. They get notified by SMS once there is an answer and can return to the conversation later.
        • Offer to leave email to get a copy of the chat log at the end of the conversation.
          Customer gets an email copy and can return to the conversation whenever they want.
      • Appearance
        • Select the color of the widget
        • Select the placement of the widget at your web site
        • Select to remove Sonetel brand
        • Select if photos of staff should be shown or not to customers
      • Rules.
        Define advanced rules for how the widget should appear dependent on what page the visitor is at or has visited.
      • Integration.
        Add the Sonetel chat widget to your web site.

        • Enter your web site domain.
          • See if the widget is added there correctly or not.
          • Get the web site scanned by our AI engine as one of the sources for providing suggested answers to your team
        • Get the code you need to add at your web site
        • Add the Sonetel widget with one click to your WordPress site
        • Add the Sonetel widget to your Weebly site with one click
    • Email capture.
      Define if you want the widget to also ask visitors to leave their email for promotional offers and news or other things

      • When to ask for email address
      • What to offer
    • Incoming calls.
      Define how calls to teams should be queued. I.e. what they should hear while waiting etc. Calls can come via the Widget or via Sonetel numbers to Teams.
    • Incoming SMS.
      Define how incoming SMS should be distributed to team members. Automatically or via Unassigned queue?
    • Facebook.
      Connect your Facebook page to a Customer service team – so that private messages from prospects and customers come to your team.
    • Twitter.
      Connect your Twitter account to Sonetel so that Direct Messages can be connected to the Team that should handle them.
    • Incoming email.
      Connect different email addresses that you have to teams – so that emails can be answered.
  • Telephony
    • Phone numbers
      • See and configure your phone numbers
      • Buy new numbers worldwide
    • Voice apps
      • Create Voice menus, such as “For Sales press 1”
      • Create announcements
      • Create voicemail boxes for departments (all users have a voicemail box by default)
    • Call recording
      • Activate and configure call recording
      • Activate and configure call transcription (Speech to text)
  • Company Settings
    • Company profile
      • Change company name.
        This is shown in the chat widget at your web site.
      • Upload company logotype.
        This is shown in the chat widget at your web site.
    • Time and location
      • Language.
        Default language for users in your company.
      • Timezone.
        This impacts logic connected to business hours etc.
      • Office hours.
        Define your business hours. This can be used to control when the widget is shown etc.
    • Account verification.
      Enter information needed for verifying your account here – if and when so required. This is needed only if you purchase phone numbers from Sonetel.
  • Billing
    • Receipts.
      See and download PDF receipts for all your payments to Sonetel.
    • VAT.
      Enter your European VAT ID to avoid paying VAT.
    • Plan.
      Change from Premium to Free plan or vice versa.
    • Prepaid account.
      Refill your prepaid Sonetel account, configure auto-refill and account low notifications.
    • Payment methods.
      Add and manage payment methods such as credit card or PayPal.