Zoom out to see the big picture

You can zoom out from any conversation to get a meaningful overview of the dialogue with the customer – even across several years. When has communication been most intensive – and what topics have been on the table? You can get this overview for your own interactions with the customer – and across the team.

To access the Zoom function, click on the Zoom button, available in the upper right corner of the Conversation view.

By using the option of zooming out from the conversations, it is possible to quickly get an overview of all historic interactions – in terms of when there was most interactions.

The zoom is available in three modes:

  • Day
    Each bar represents the amount of interaction that day.
  • Week
    Each bar represents the amount of interaction that week.
  • Month
    Each bar represents the amount of interaction that month.

You can click on a month bar to zoom into the weekly view, and you can click on a Daily bar to get to the actual underlying conversation.

You can also get more information about each bar by hovering it (in web app) or press holding in the mobile app.

In this view, you can see:

  • Topics discussed
    The top 3 topics discussed are extracted from the conversation
  • Labels applied
    You can apply labels to any message in any conversation. Click on the label to get to the point in the conversation where the label is used.
  • Sentiment of the customer
    If the customer expressed anger or happiness, this is shown as emoticons.