Internal Notes and Escalations

When handling Conversations with customers, it is also possible to write internal notes that are invisible to the customer. By mentioning another user or Team by name in the note, you can additionally pull them into the Conversation and can have a dialogue with them – without the customer seeing it.

Just start typing the name of the user or the Team you want to pull in, and their name will appear for selection.

  • Mention a User
    If you mention a User, they will get notified and see that they have a new Mention that they need to look at.
  • Mention a Team
    If you mention a Team by name – such as “Billing”, the Internal note will be handled as a normal new Conversation sent to that team, and it will be assigned to whoever is available within that team.

The User that gets mentioned (or the Team member that gets assigned) can see the Internal note and also your conversation with the customer.

They can do two things:

  1. Have an internal dialogue
    They can respond to the Internal note in a sub-discussion under the Internal note. This is visible only to you and other team members and not to the customer (see below).
  2. Start a new Conversation with the customer.
    Your Conversation with the customer is personal, so other Users cannot step into that one – but they can start a new Conversation with the customer.

You can add as many Internal notes as you wish in each customer conversation.

You can find them all via the menu available in each conversation.

In the Web app, click on this symbol – when having a Conversation in view – to get to the Internal notes: