All incoming customer interactions (website chat, SMS, Facebook private messaging and calls) appear as Conversations in the Sonetel Apps.

To see the inboxes for customer service conversations, click on the Customer Service icon in the Web app or mobile app.



You have the following inboxes that you can select from.

  • Me
    Shows Conversations that are assigned or suggested to you.
  • Mentions
    Shows Conversations assigned to others, where you have been mentioned in an internal note. This means that someone in the team needs your help.
  • Unassigned
    These are Conversations that need to be handled by someone in your team. You can preview the conversations and pick the ones you want.
  • Starred
    You can star any of the conversation in the “Me” inbox. The starred conversations will then be listed here as well.
  • Per Team
    Additionally, you can see the the amount of open Conversations team wide, per Team that you participate in.


Conversation list

By clicking on one of the inboxes, you get a list of conversations.

Some of the things you can see and do in the Conversation list.

  • Open
    Click on the conversation to open it.
  • See if someone else is previewing an unassigned conversation
    If some other person in the team already is looking at an unassigned Conversation, their avatar will be seen under that conversation (see above). This lessens the risk of both of you spending time looking at the same conversation.
  • Filter
    You can filter conversations based on Team and channel (Web chat, SMS, Call etc.). You can also chose to look at closed conversations in your inbox.
  • Age
    By default, Conversations in My inbox are sorted so that the latest updated conversation is on top. In the Unassigned list, things are the opposite, here the oldest conversation is on top. You can change the sort order.

Each conversation in the list shows the following information.

  • Customer name
    If the name isn’t known, then the city name of the customer may be shown – as in “Lead Paris”
  • Avatar (photo) of customer
    Only shown when available.
  • Age
    How long ago the conversation was last updated.
  • Channel
    Where did the conversation come from. Web chat, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Email or Call.


Conversation view

In the conversation view, you will see the question from the customer once you open it and can write a response.

Assigning a conversation in the Unassigned queue to yourself can be done in several different ways.

  • Write an answer
    As soon as you send the answer, the Conversation gets assigned to you and is removed from the Unassigned queue.
  • Click on a suggested answer from the AI
    If the AI has suggested answers, theses will appear at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on a suggested answer sends it to the customer, and assigns you to the Conversation.
  • Assign manually
    Select the option “Assign” from the menu and then select to assign the conversation to yourself.

Once the conversation is accepted it will be over to your own Inbox.


Options available in Conversations

  • Close Conversation
    Once the dialogue is completed, you can Close the Conversation. In the web app, click “Close”. In the mobile app, click on the menu (upper right corner) and then select “Close”.
  • See information about customer
    Click on the information icon in the header, to reveal details about the customer
  • Post an internal note and escalate to someone else
    Internal notes can be posted in the Conversation, and are invisible to the customer. You can mention other team members or teams to pull them in to a dialogue under the Internal note.
  • Send a photo or a file
    Select the options in the text entry field to pick a file or photo to send.
  • Send a voice message
    Click on the microphone under the text entry field to record a voice message and post to the customer.
  • Add a label to a message
    You can add colored labels on any message, and then use the search function to find all instances of labels.


Even if you close a conversation, the customer may return later and reopen it. Conversations are forever, which means that once you have a dialogue with a customer or prospect it will live forever.


The counter for unread conversations

The “badge” on the Customer service icon in the apps, shows the amount of Conversations needing your attention.

This counter includes the following:

  • Inbox
    The amount of conversations in your inbox containing unread messages. This includes Internal notes in Conversations assigned to others – where your name has been mentioned.
  • Unassigned conversations
    If you are available to handle Conversations in any of the Customer Service teams that you are part of, then the total number of unassigned Conversations (in all Teams you are part of) will be added to the counter as well.