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Answer customers

Customers and prospects can send questions to your company via the chat widget at your web site.


Where are the Conversations?

New Conversations will appear in the Customer service section of the web app and the mobile apps regardless how the customer contacts you.

Conversations appear in either of these places – dependent on the configuration of the chat function:

  1. My inbox
    The Conversation appears as suggested conversations (you get a notification when there is a new one). You need to accept the Conversation or else it will be moved to the Unassigned queue for others in your team to handle after a short while.
  2. Unassigned queue.
    This is where you and your team members can pick Conversations that you want to handle.


Assigning a Conversation to yourself

You can Assign a Conversation to yourself in either of these ways:

  1. Write an answer
    By writing and posting an answer to the customer in the conversation.
  2. Forward AI answer
    By clicking on a suggested answer from the AI function.

You can also suggest the Conversation to someone else in your team that you feel is best suited.


Closing a Conversation

Once a dialog with the customer or prospect is completed, select the Close option to close the conversation. The customer can however reopen the conversation later – in which case you will be notified and get the conversation in your inbox.

All conversations are by default handled by all Team members in your company. You can optionally define smaller Teams for Sales, Support, Billing etc for handling incoming Conversations from different sources.