A Free app for your customer & team communication

Increase sales & save time. For small businesses worldwide.

Save time and sell more

Your prospects and customers can ask questions via the Sonetel chat widget at your web site.

The questions appear in the mobiles and laptops of your co-workers together with a suggested answer from our AI (Artificial Intelligence) – tailored for your business.

You can forward the suggested answer to your customer with a single click. This saves time and makes it super-easy to answer customers on-the-go.

The service also handles your internal team communication.

No set up or configuration is needed. Get started in a few minutes.

Completely free for unlimited users.

The one and only

We provide a free service that helps small businesses handle incoming customer questions via text and voice calls in a professional way – assisted by Artificial Intelligence.

Each company can connect an unlimited amount of users for free.

To our knowledge we’re the only ones on the planet doing this.

Telephony included

When you use the free Sonetel chat widget at your web site – you are also entitled to get a free local phone number for your business – anywhere on the planet.

You can naturally buy more phone numbers from us if you want to. Prices start from $2.49 per month.

Incoming calls can be answered for free with the Sonetel apps – or forwarded to any regular phone number worldwide at the cost of a local call.

The service includes call queues for professional handling of incoming calls.